ATP Areas of Research / Practice

Transpersonal psychologists research a range of topics related to spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth. Their research may focus on the following areas:  

Spiritual experiences: the nature, causes, and outcomes of spiritual experiences such as near-death experiences, mystical experiences, and spiritual awakenings.  

Consciousness studies: the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the self, the brain, and the world.  Human potential: the study of human potential for growth, development, and transformation. 

Psychospiritual use of Psychedelics: Transpersonal Psychology has been a strong supporter and advocate of the recent renaissance of research on the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. 

Personal transformation: the study of the processes and outcomes of personal transformation, including self-discovery, personal growth, and healing.  

Transpersonal identity: the investigation of how transpersonal experiences and spiritual practices shape one’s sense of self, personal identity, and worldview.  

Spiritual practices: the study of spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer, and yoga, and their impact on well-being and personal growth.  

Holistic health: the exploration of holistic health practices, including alternative and complementary medicine, and their role in promoting well-being and healing.

Indigenous healing practices: the perennial use of sophisticated states of consciousness and sacred technologies rooted in culture and place.