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About ATP

The Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) is a membership supported international coordinating organization for scientific, social, and clinical transpersonal work that serves the world community. The Association’s mission is to promote eco-spiritual transformation through transpersonal inquiry and action. Recognizing the reciprocity inherent between our actions and our world, the Association is dedicated to encouraging and enhancing practices and perspectives that will lead to a conscious, sustainable, co-evolution of culture, nature, and society. Read more >>

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal psychology is a field or school of thought in psychology centered on the spiritual aspects of human life. The term transpersonal psychology was first introduced in the 1960s by psychologists such as Abraham Maslow and Victor Frankl. This field utilizes psychological methods and theories to examine the spiritual subject matter. Read More >>

What Areas of Research, Practice and Education are Explored in Transpersonal Psychology?

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ATP Journal

Transpersonal psychology was first announced and defined with the publication of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, in 1969. Guided by the work of psychologists Abraham Maslow, Anthony Sutich and colleagues, this new field was founded on a commitment to open-ended inquiry, experiential and empirical validation, and a values-oriented approach to human experience. Today, the Journal and the Association bring these approaches and purposes to thousands of interested individuals. As established non-profit services, both JTP and ATP continue to extend the transpersonal perspective world-wide.

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